I’ve Had Better May 22nds

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Please don’t read into that headline that today is going badly.  It is not.  I’m working from home watching the Rangers put up 5 runs early for Yu.  However, thanks to The Facebooks, I have to admit, today is not the best May 22 ever.

I’m not that savvy with the technologies, so don’t berate me with comments such as “Uh, I’ve known about that for literally a billion years asshole.  Write about things you know something about like crapping your pants.”

Now I will get around to blogging about crapping my pants some day, but today I wanted review a new (to me) Facebook app – On This Day.

With this new “App” you can review your timeline On This Day for any given year.  So, for instance on this day in 2009:


Oh, look, I was in France.  That’s a pretty good May 22.

And just last year:


I was putting pig in my face in the Altstadt.

Today may be better than May 22, 2011 for me and all my friends as nothing shows up in my newsfeed for that day.  So I guess I can’t feel too bad about today.

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