Recently in My Face: Momo Family Tibetan Food Truck

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One of the advantages of working downtown is the availability of a variety of food trucks.  Well, at least that’s the theory.  Since working downtown, I’ve only encounter the same food trucks you see at Klyde Warren Park or every other beer festival.

Until today.

I was delighted to look down from my window in Thanksgiving Tower and see a food truck and an ethnic food I’ve never ever encountered:  Momo Family Tibetan Food Truck.  That’s right, for the first time in my life, I ate Tibetan food.  Who knew that was even a thing??

2014-08-06 12.57.40

2014-08-06 13.10.44

Seriously, check this out if you see this truck.  It’s a dude and his Tibetan mom making delicious dumplings.  I had a combo of beef and chicken curry.  And be sure to double down on momma’s hot sauce.

Be sure to follow them @momotruck.

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