The Worst Day of the Year?

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I’ve chronicled a number of times about my disdain for August. I’ve suggested the end of the worst month and agreed with area celebrity Craig “Junior” “Junes” Miller about the worst month and day of the year and found modest triumphs in ordinary August occurrences.

But even today as Craig gave us his ways to get through not only the worst day of the year (the second Tuesday of August) but also the worst moment (2pm), I thought “This August is not so bad”.


  • The amazing weather we’ve had this year.  Usually by this time we’ve had double digit triple digit days.  This year we’ve had a only a handful.
  • I’m fully an Arsenal fan and the Premiership season starts this Saturday.
  • And Doctor Who Series 8 (with the new 12th Doctor*) starts the week after that
  • Neck deep in planning for Walkabout 2014, which starts Sept 2 on a blog near you.
  • Tuesday nights are Geeks Who Drink quiz nights at The Nodding Donkey SMU.  We won tonight again, of course.
  • Multiple Dark & Stormies** at The Woolworth this month to cool me down.

So really, not so bad this year.

* I may have a problem



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