Walkabout 2014 Day 9: Reims and Biking

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For those wondering, day 8 was spent traveling from Berlin to the ‘dorf and then from the ‘dorf to Reims.  So, not much worth taking pictures.

On to Day 9.  We headed out from the hotel on bicycle to Mailly, then Chigny and finally Rilly.


Champagne Houses Visited

  • Charles de Cazanove – Near our hotel in Reims.  It was ok.  A good way to start the day.
  • Christian Muller – Friendly with some very nice champagnes.  The better choice of the two houses across from each other in Mailly.
  • Mailly Grand Cru – Another Ok champagne.  The tasting room was so quiet you could hear a cork drop.  Go to Muller across the street for better experience and wine.
  • Pascal Mazet – The major find of the day.  Family run house.  So friendly and spoke virtually no English.  Excellent champagne.  But they only make 16,000 bottles a year.
  • Michel Fagot – With Alain Suisse, the pinnacle of craft Champagne.  So far. Open-mouthed smile

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