Walkabout 2014 Day 10: Boozie in Bouzy

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Today was to hot (yes actually hot) and hilly for biking.  Plus my taint had taken quite a beating from my bike seat the day before.  So we drove to Bouzy and visited a couple of houses.  And then ended up again in Épernay for a bit of a champagne bar crawl.

Champagne Houses Visited

  • Alfred Tritant – another tiny family champagne house. Only the wife speaks English.  Very good.
  • Jean Vesselle – Another great find.  Very nice champagnes.  And if you visit soon, a friendly English girl, Flo, will perform your dégustation.


Bar Crawl

  • C.Comme – the better of the two champagne bars on this block.  They were remodeling this year, so the selection wasn’t as broad as last year.
  • La Cave à Champagnehttp://www.la-cave-a-champagne.com/ – one of my favorite restaurants in the world.  And yes a lot of that has to do with where it is and all the champagne I’ve consumed that day.  Also some of the best pâte foie gras I’ve ever had.
  • La Fine Bulle – An ok champagne bar that only gets our business because the C.Comme closes early.

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