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This week I began my long journey in becoming a sommelier. Let’s face it, this computer stuff is just a fad and won’t last much longer.  So to prepare for my future career in wine, I spend seven hours every Sunday at El Centro, where I learn about wine, observer its characteristics, smell it, taste it and then do what for the first several decades of my drinking life would seem unthinkable – I spit out good wine.  The first week we tasted 11 wines.  I would likely have passed out on the train home had I not spit.

As part of that journey, I want to share my growing knowledge about wine with my readers* by chronically the high and  low lights of my week of drinking in what I’ll call: This Week In Booze**.  It’s all a part of my plan to bring the fun back in being a functional alcoholic.

The first set of five wines we tasted had a Beaujolais that made us all wonder what all the fuss is about.  The best wine of the group was, not surprisingly, a Barolo. Regrettably I didn’t write down or Vivino the label. I’ll be sure to do better moving forward.

The second round of tastings focused on Chardonnays and Sauvignon Blancs.  The only highlight was a Rombauer Chardonnay that was oaky and buttery*** like a great California Chardonnay should be.  I’m not a fan of the grape, but this was a very tasty wine.

So armed with a wealth of knowledge about the grape, I have decided to share with you each week my tasting notes for the Two Buck Chuck varietal of the week.  This week I tasted **** Trader Joe’s Charles Shaw Blend Sauvignon Blanc.

Appearance: Clear, light intensity, very light straw color and almost clear around the rim.

Nose: Clean, low intensity, all aroma, citrus, sour apple with a slight bit of cat piss.

Palate: Dry, low acid, no tannins, citrusy with sour apple.  Not much body.  Not much length.

Conclusion: Well, for $3 what do you want?  This is drinkable like Coors Light is drinkable.  If your goal is not to experience flavor while getting your buzz on, I can’t think of a more economical way to do it than this wine.

*Yes, I know I don’t really have any readers.  But, as with the rest of my life, it’s fun to pretend others are participating.
**With apologies to the Late Great Mel Allen
***From malolactic fermentation.  Knowledge dropped.
****On my own, not in the class, we have some standards in the class.

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