Recently in my Face: Opa’s Schnitzel Haus

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schnitzel cordon bleu
When I was a kid growing up in Fort Worth, when mastodons roamed North Texas, my favorite restaurant was Heidelberger Hof on Jacksboro Highway.  I would pretty much get the same thing every time, kartofel suppe and schnitzel cordon bleu.  So it has been literally a million years since I last had schnitzel cordon bleu.

That has now changed thanks to Opa’s Schnitzel Haus, a surprisingly  good German restaurant in Witchita Falls.

I apologize to every single one of my Witchita Falls readers* for being so surprised.  But when I walked in, the interior was a very kitschy old school German motif that appeared to have not been changed much since the mid 80s.

But the food is what’s important and the food was good.  Kitzbüheler Stuben has nothing to worry about, but the schnitzel at Opa’s was solid.  As was there sausage which appeared to be house made.  And to wash it down, a fairly impressive list of German beers all of which can be consumed via the liter stein.  I like to get those because it make me feel like I’m getting in workout while getting schnockered.

What I Had

  • Drink – Warsteiner Dunkel (liter)
  • App – Sausage Plate
  • Main – Schnitzel Cordon Bleu
  • Zert – none, too stuffed


* Do they even have the internet up there?

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