Recently in my Face: The Big Texan Steakhouse

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Contrary to popular opinion, I’m not always just looking for a fine dining experience.  Sometimes I just want to get some local flavor or check off a famous landmark or maybe there just aren’t that many options available beyond Applebee’s. 

The Big Texan fulfills the latter two criteria.

Stuck in Canyon, where the culinary spectrum ranges from Applebee’s to Quizno’s, I headed up to Amarillo to soak in some panhandle touristy kitsch.  I was not disappointed except for everything I put in my mouth.

As some will recognize, this is the restaurant featured on many shows on Food or Travel channels where, if you can eat their 72oz steak dinner, you can get it for free.  Well, I wasn’t going to do that. I had hiking to do the next day and the last thing I need was a meat coma.
The food was exactly as expected.  A steak that you could make at home for half the price.  Even more disappointing was their own brew-pub beer.  The pale ale I had possessed only the tiniest hint of flavor one normally associates with the mega-brewers.

What I Had

  • Drink – Palo Dura Pale Ale (blech)
  • App – Prime Skins (meh)
  • Main – 18oz Ribeye, mashed potatoes, Caesar salad
  • Zert – none



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