Wine of the Week: Alain Suisse Brut Nature Champagne

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It’s been a year now since my hard work and dedication* earned me a Level II from the International Sommelier Guild.  So, in an effort to share my knowledge and as an excuse to try more wine, I’ve decided to start a weekly** feature in which I try a wine I’ve never had before or a wine of particular importance to me.

That is the case of this week’s wine, Alain Suisse Brut Nature Champagne.

The good news is we’re starting of with a really good example of this style of Champagne.  The bad news is you can’t drink it in the US***.

  • Appearance – clear light amber with an abundance of effervescence
  • Nose – apple, a bit of peach, toffee
  • Palate – bone dry, lots of acid,  mild sour apple with a hint of caramel

I don’t want to come off sounding like a wine douche*****, but this wine is exquisitely balanced.  While bone dry and extremely acidic, it never comes off as painful to drink like those “champagnes” they use in your mimosas for Sunday brunch.  I dare you to try to drink those without orange juice.

Immensely drinkable, light  and refreshing.  The perfect Champagne to drink after mowing the lawn on a hot summer day.  What?!?!?  Seriously, after mowing the lawn would you rather drink the Champagne of Beers or the Champagne of Champagne??  Ok, then.



* Translation – I drank a cubic decameter of wine.
** As with all weekly features on The Summer of Steve, expect this to be the last episode.
*** Unless you’re a close friend of mine and I still have a bottle****
**** I do
***** Too late

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