Vanabout 2017 Day 7: More Many Glaciers

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Well, that may have been the dumbest thing I’ve ever done.

Five years ago I hike the Grinnell Glacier trail ( a 6 mile trail each way with a 1200ft elevation climb) with no water, no food and no bear spray.  Well I wasn’t going to be that stupid again this year.  I brought water. I brought bison bars.  And I brought bear spray.

So I thought I was all prepared to hike the equally long and difficult Iceberg Lake trail. Except it didn’t occur to me that, although all the snow had melted at camp, 1200 feet up, there will still be substantial snow.  And so, the last half mile of the trial was covered in snow.  I couldn’t turn back. I was almost there. Actual experienced winter hikers kept passing me with their hiking sticks and snow chains on their shoes.

Somehow I didn’t slip off the mountain or break a leg/arm/skull/other wrist. 34,000 steps later I am able to share the amazing pictures I took.

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