Vanabout 2019 Day 2: Albuquerque

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Vanabouts, and Walkabouts before them, are all about relearning the lessons of the past. 

Most of today I was working at the nice little RV park in Childress.  This place is a delight. For a mere $15 you get water and power and a beautiful little park to stay in. So beautiful is this park, for “lunch” I took Zoe for a walk around the little lake in the little park. Many many pictures were taken.

“But Steve”, you’re wondering, “where are these pictures?”

Well, I found out the next day, I had failed to put a memory card in my camera. So some great pictures of this delightful little park and, more importantly, some nice arty pictures taken at Cadillac Ranch will never see the light of day since the light of those pictures were not saved.  So this is the extent of my Cadillac Ranch pictures.

2019-09-20 18.14.27-1


  • Use of my big ass battery to power the microwave to warm up my dinner.
  • Oh, and this:

2019-09-20 19.41.58


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