Vanabout 2019 Day 7 & 8: Oakland

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Holy motherforking shirtballs!

It was 97 degrees in Oakland when I showed up. These are not the temperatures I’ve come to northern California for.

The first night was fairly chill. Dinner at a local German restaurant where I had my second schnitzel of the trip, Afterwards, a quick beer or two at the much hear of Tigers.

It was the second night where all the stuff happened

The evening started as so many evenings do, with several Irish Coffees at the home of Irish Coffees, The Buena Vista. Some may wonder how it is that Ireland’s two iconic beverages, Guinness Stout and Irish Coffee, just happen to look alike.  I guess it’s just some crazy coincidence.

Then it was back to Hog Island for oysters.


Do yourself a favor and find someone that looks at you like Sam looks at oysters.

A quick ferry ride back to Oakland.

Then it was off to The Greek Theater to see Flogging Mollys – except they were just finishing up as I arrived. Still, it was awesome to hang out at such an amazing old outdoor arena. And Social Distortion was pretty good too.

Then finally I ended my night in Berkley at The Graduate, named for one of my all-time favorite movies.

This was a great day.


  • Concert at The Greek Theater, a heretofore unknown bucket list item.
  • Time at the North American birthplace of the Irish Coffee, The Buena Vista —  also a bucket list item.

day 7

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