Vanabout 2019 Day 14 & 15: Willamette Valley

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Time for more wine tasting.

This time, except for the great De Ponte, I looked for wineries that had something else to offer other than my beloved Pinot Noir. For my efforts I was 1 for 2. Brooks Winery had some very nice and aromatic whites with a very special nod to their Gewürztraminer. I seriously wish I had bought more than just a half a case. Also, their tasting room was pretty hoppin’. Most of the tasting rooms in the WV are pretty small and quiet, but not Brooks.

Elk Cove on the other hand.  Well, their wines were ok. And the road to their winery was rather rough on Stevie Ray. So I wasn’t in the greatest mood going into this tasting.  But, especially compared to Brooks, the whites were just ok – better than average but not great.  They did have a beautiful estate, though.


And whenever I’m in McMinnville, I have to have the schnitzel at the Golden Valley Brewpub. It is one of the best schnitzel I can get in the US and also the 4th and not final schitz of the trip.


  • Visits to Brooks and Elk Cove
  • Tank dump of the trip.  And boy do I have a story about that.

day 14

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