Vanabout 2020: Muleshue

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  • What a big win. Muleshoe has a full hookup city RV park, AND IT’S FREE!
  • I almost stayed an extra night in Childress, but Muleshoe was < 3 hours away. Working on the road can be a beating sometimes.
  • Speaking of which, I’ve pretty much decided to take a slow roll on this trip. Santa Rosa tomorrow and we’ll see what that brings.
  • Zoe saw a feral cat with prey in its mouth, but I was too slow with the phone to take a picture.
  • A crop duster nearly crashing into the van while driving to Muleshoe as it was practicing diving maneuvers,
  • Well, this day started off terribly. The cell tower near my free campground decided to crap out 15 minutes before Scrum. I had to move the van and find a better tower. Luckily it wasn’t too hot and I didn’t need AC

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