Eating Lakewood: The Dixie House

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I seriously haven\’t had chicken fried steak in years. And upon reviewing AllGood yesterday, I wanted to gauge how good the AllGood was. As I stated in my review, one of my favorite CFS places of all time is The Blackeyed Pea. Yeah, it\’s a chain. So I can\’t go there. Instead I went to the Pea\’s half-sister The Dixie House.

The interior does remind one of an old country restaurant. It has that old wood building smell that makes you feel like this place has been there for a long time. And the place was relatively packed for the late lunch time frame I visited.

To properly compare I ordered the same thing CFS with mashed potatoes and green beans. I even forgot to order the gravy on the side again. I\’m dumb.

The mashed potatoes were good but not fantastic. While clearly \”homemade\” they lacked the garlicky goodness of AllGood. And, yes, the green beans were mushy. Also, the meal comes with jalapeno cornbread and yeast rolls. These were a delight. Although the cornbread could have had more jalapenos.

So, how was the CFS? It was good and it was big. Nearly twice as big as the steak at AllGood. But there was way too much coating. And in places it was almost cakey. Where the coating was manageable, the steak was good. However I definitely felt like I had had chicken fried steak once I was finished.

I didn\’t leave the Dixie House excited to return for it\’s other offerings. So I may be grading a little more harshly. But it\’s my blog. If you don\’t like it get your own fucking blog.

I\’m sorry baby. I don\’t know what got into me. I guess it\’s all the grease coursing through my growingly clogged arteries. Forgive me?


6400 Gaston Dallas, TX 75214

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  1. If I had my own fucking blog…It would read like this:Wednesday: NopeThursday: Uh-uhFriday: NegatorySaturday: Asks question \”Does taking care of business myself count?\” No? Then nope…Sunday: NadaMonday: Not a chanceTuesday: Not even closeWednesday: Copy and pastes Wed. – Tues. results in for previous six months. Renews subscription to Playboy.

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